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Professional Services

Pacific EH&S Services provides a wide variety of services in the following areas:

Safety Oversight & Management
(Including Audits, Program Development and Program Management)

Asbestos & Lead Consulting
(Including Bulk Specimen Surveys, Abatement Project Design, Project Oversight and Air Monitoring)

Health & Safety Training
(Classroom & Hands-on participation covering a wide variety of topics)

Industrial Hygiene Surveys
(Air Monitoring & Exposure Analysis in accordance with OSHA, NIOSH & ACGIH standards)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Studies
(Investigations, Evaluation and Ventilation Analyses in accordance with OSHA, NIOSH & ACGIH standards)

Noise Exposure Monitoring
(Sound Level Surveys And Noise Exposure Monitoring)

Training Courses

Site Health & Safely Plan Preparation
(including Hazardous Waste Site Operations)

Expert Witness Consultation & Testimony

Emergency Response Coordination & Training
Ergonomic Evaluations & Consultations
Business Continuity Preparation
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Air Monitoring
Accident & Claims Investigations

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