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Background Information

Pacific EH&S Services, Inc. is a full-service health and safety consulting firm. Our management and field teams consist of professionals that include Certified Industrial Hygienists, Senior Level Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Senior Level Safety Professionals, Registered Environmental Assessors, DHS Certified Lead-Related Construction Inspectors/Assessors, State of California Certified Asbestos Consultants, and varying levels of field industrial hygienists and field technicians who have extensive experience in the areas of industrial hygiene, safety, environmental air monitoring, asbestos and lead consulting, ergonomics, health and safety management, policy and procedure development, safety audits, indoor air quality investigations, health and safety training, accident and claims investigations, expert witness testimony, and emergency response coordination.

A number of consulting firms compete in the environmental, health, and safety market in southern California. We have surveyed many of these companies and have concluded that our rates are competitive. In addition to having competitive rates, we have committed to provide superior customer service, better turnaround time on reports, and consistently higher quality reports and services. In order to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in this manner, Pacific EH&S maintains strong organization and management; attracts, trains, and retains high caliber professionals; and utilizes cutting-edge technologies.

The vast majority of our firm's business comes from long-term contract work that is performed independently under the guidance of "statements of work" and carefully monitored budgets. In order to achieve continuity on projects, we designate a primary project contact (Project Manager) at the outset of the contract/project. Project Managers are then be available to monitor all required services. In this manner, we strive to have our Project Managers develop a strong rapport with your management, supervisors, and employees so as to increase the overall effectiveness, and in turn, of the your safety and environmental programs. Pacific EH&S staff members collectively serve as a pool of technical experts who would be available to provide necessary services in areas of their expertise, as needed on a project specific basis.

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