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Noise Exposure Monitoring and Control Surveys

Pacific EH&S professionals conduct sound level surveys and noise exposure monitoring in varying occupational and community environments. Such surveys are performed using noise monitoring equipment that includes audio dosimeters and/or sound level meters. The dosimeters allow us to record employee 8-hour time-weighted average exposures to noise in connection with specific operations for comparison to applicable exposure guidelines, and sound level meters provide useful information such as peak sound level values associated with specific operations.

Upon completion of a noise survey, a comprehensive report is prepared that includes background information; observations of specific work activities and operations, and environmental conditions; a description of the monitoring methodology; a discussion of the results in light of applicable regulations (i.e. OSHA exposure guidelines); conclusions; and where appropriate, recommendations pertaining to issues such as engineering controls (i.e. shielding, equipment maintenance and/or modification, and damping), personal protective equipment, employee training, and hearing conservation programs. With published absorption coefficient data, our engineers also have the capability to calculate Room Constant values, which can then be used in determining the feasibility of acoustic treatments.