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Safety Oversight and Program Management

Pacific EH&S senior level professionals have extensive experience in the health and safety industry and provide a variety of services to assist clients in their efforts to comply with applicable health and safety regulations and to provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. To this end, Pacific EH&S personnel review, assess, and make revisions as deemed necessary to existing policies and programs; develop newly required policies and programs; and assist in the overall implementation of such programs. Such services often include the provision of necessary training to affected employees, as well as the presentation and introduction of revised or new policies/programs to client management and/or supervisory personnel. Our policies and programs are intended to meet applicable rules and regulations.

Areas of Safety, Oversight & Program Management include:

Aerial Lifts Floor Operated Cranes
Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Hearing Conservation
Hazard Communication Injury & Illness Prevention Program
Bloodborne Pathogens Lead
Chemical Hygiene Plan Lockout/Tagout
Confined Space Entry Medical Surveillance
Community Right-To-Know Personal Protective Equipment
Defensive Driver Process Safety Management
Drug Testing Respiratory Protection
Emergency Action Plans Trenching and Excavation
Ergonomics Pesticides
Fall Protection Powered Industrial Trucks

Pacific EH&S safety professionals also conduct occupational safety audits that involve accident record review, policy and procedure review, and facility inspections for the purposes of identifying unsafe acts and conditions and ensuring compliance with existing policies and programs, as well as applicable rules and regulations. Typical concerns include machine guarding, fire prevention, emergency evacuation procedures, storage of hazardous materials, work station design, lifting hazards, proper placement of emergency equipment, elevated platform safety, confined space entry, forklift safety, welding hazards, and the use of personal protective equipment. Relevant information pertaining to our observations, applicable regulatory citations, recommended actions, and objective corrective action deadlines are recorded and appropriately documented.